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If your material needs were met, would you work on spacecraft? UAVs that save lives? Solar power production? How would you organize such an effort? What parts of business-as-usual would you keep, and what would you leave behind? An Uncommon Lab looks for inspiring projects and people. That part's on you; we'll find a way to make the rest of it work. Our design space includes: simulation, optimization, dynamics, and control.

For the Kalman filter designers out there, we have a tool called *kf. It was two years in the making, and we're happy to finally share it with the world.

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It's a pretty fancy Kalman filter toolbox for MATLAB. You can use pre-made filters, generate efficient, custom filters (and tests!) for your particular problem, and come to love the various utilities that take the headache out of implementing and analyzing state estimation algorithms.

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A MATLAB toolbox facilitating simultaneous simulation of continuous and discrete systems. It's like ode45 but adds support for discrete systems, easy management of complex states, and logging. It's perfect for quickly building simulations of things like autonomous vehicles or other nonlinear controller-plant models. Making a quick sim has never been so fast.

It's open source and free to use even on commercial projects.

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More important than having the right tools is having the right understanding of a problem or technique. We'll document some helpful techniques here. Hope you enjoy.

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We consult to help people we like build new systems and build up the teams around those systems. Here are some things we've worked on recently:

  • Development of a navigation system for a UAV startup.
  • Creation of a series of algorithms for automatically optimizing power plant design, and assistance in building the team to carry that design forward.
  • Day-long talks on Kalman filtering for a controls team and all the folks who need to interface with that team.
  • Revamping a simulation architecture for speed, accuracy, and ease-of-use.

Consulting services are currently fully booked.

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