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Hard problems require more than just disciplined work. They require breadth, trial-and-error, and the freedom to pursue creative and powerful options quickly. An Uncommon Lab is developing tools and information to make it easier to design, understand, and implement complex algorithms so that hard problems can be met with alacrity and confidence.

To that end, we've just released *kf, a tool for designing Kalman filters and related algorithms.

*kf was two years in the making, and we're happy to finally share it with the world.

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A set of tools for designing customized, powerful state estimation algorithms quickly, simulating filter responses, verifying results statistically, and generating safe and fast code fit for implementation. It makes it easy to explore the space of detailed Kalman filter options and related algorithms, resulting in more mature, trustworthy designs.


A MATLAB toolbox facilitating simultaneous simulation of continuous and discrete systems. It's like ode45 but adds support for discrete systems, easy management of complex states, and logging. It's perfect for quickly building simulations of things like autonomous vehicles or other nonlinear controller-plant models.

It's open source and free to use even on commercial projects.

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More important than having the right tools is having the right understanding of a problem or technique. We'll document some helpful techniques here.

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How Optimization Works (coming soon)


With a combination of development, examples, talks, and feasibility studies, we help companies build mature in-house knowledge and tools for:

  • Aerospace vehicle simulation
  • State & parameter estimation
  • Spacecraft attitude control
  • Spacecraft rendezvous & docking
  • Autonomous aircraft control
  • Complex system optimization
  • Industrial design automation
  • Fast-paced algorithm development

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