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Tucker McClure has developed GN&C systems for flexible satellites, agile endoatmospheric vehicles, and a morphing, vertical landing UAV. He's helped commercial space and defense companies develop sophisticated algorithms despite tight runtime requirements, including embedded simulations and optimization algorithms. As lead of a simulation team, his 6DOF simulators were used for control system development through code generation and hardware-in-the-loop-testing, and his desktop tools have been used in mechanical design, software development, and mission control for two spacecraft. He's provided proof-of-concept work in numerous industries, including aerospace, energy, biomedical devices, and consumer electronics and has presented on control design, optimization, and machine learning.

With An Uncommon Lab, Tucker has helped companies and universities to develop aircraft and spacecraft simulation architectures, processor- and hardware-in-the-loop setups, flexible optimization strategies for industrial design, and launch vehicle optimization frameworks. He likes his job, and he likes making sure other people like theirs.

Tucker McClure

Upcoming paper: “On the Automatic Generation of Recursive Attitude Determination Algorithms” in the 2017 AAS GN&C Conference in Breckenridge, Colorado.

He holds a bachelor of science degree in civil engineering from Columbia University and a master of engineering degree in aerospace from Cornell University.

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