by An Uncommon Lab

*kf is US$1000.

That's a 1-user license which doesn't expire.

Installation is easy.

Updates are included.

So is support.

There are no returns though.



Have you read the requirements and installation?

Have you searched through the documentation to make sure you can do that one specific thing you want to do?

Ok, then do you agree to the end-user license agreement?


Support is included in the price for the single licensed user for a period of three years from the date of purchase. Support will provide a best-effort to resolve any problems experienced with the tool, but An Uncommon Lab cannot assure resolution of problems arising from external software, such as MATLAB or Microsoft Visual Studio.


We will use your email address to verify your account and to send significant *kf product updates. We will not use your email address to promote any other products or services, nor will we provide your email address to any other organizations unless required by law.


You'll receive an email when there are significant product updates. These are free for the life of *kf.


We use an online service to process all orders and can accept most credit cards and purchase orders. We never see any personal financial information. The vendor is PCI-compliant. Our servers do not store any sensitive information.

Still Reading?

Ok, if you agree to the above, then you're ready to purchase.

I agree! Let's go create my account. >>


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